Award-Winning eSports Betting Platform.
Invest and earn 3.60% and above, daily
Whats going on here
The Business
Bitplay is a well-established eSport betting platform and profitably operating with cryptocurrencies. The online gambling industry is valued at a stunning USD 46 billion, and it is expected to grow to USD 56 billion in 2018
The Process
Our system requires dynamic funding in order to run effectively. Our investors' money improve the performance of our service.
The Result
We charge a fee for using the service. This enables us to work on developing our system and to pay out our investors their earnings.
Our features

No entry barriers
We are open for doing business with anyone: you can start with a deposit as low as 0.005 BTC

Flexible Investment
Choose the interest rate and the term of deposit you prefer

High, regular returns
Earn 3.60% and above on weekdays and 1.00% on weekends

On-demand withdrawal
Transfer the money you've made to your account whenever you want - no delay, no extra fees
Investment Proposal
If you select the Bitcoin, USD option, your investment will be converted to USD at the exchange rate valid at the time of the deposit. All accruals will be also calculated in USD. Upon withdrawal, your earnings will be converted to BTC at the exchange rate valid at the time of withdrawal.
If you select the Bitcoin, BTC option, your investment will NOT converted into USD, and your interest accruals will be calculated directly in BTC.

Total return

0.005 BTC

Minimum deposit

Your investment amount:
Select investment term:
6 Weeks
9 Weeks
Current daily interest 3.6 %
Daily net income USD
Weekly net income USD
Total net income USD
Monthly net income USD
Break-even point
Current daily interest 3.6 %
Daily net income BTC
Weekly net income BTC
Total net income BTC
Monthly net income BTC
Break-even point
Affiliate Program
For participants

Want to make even more money by bringing new investors to our project? Take advantage of our affiliate program. You can even earn without investing: we will pay you for each investment made by your referrals.

For representatives

We are looking for able individuals willing to become our agents. If you'd like to represent our services in your locality or to promote it to the target audience, we want to hear from you.
Apply to discuss the terms.

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